Most of the inspiration for the comic Ming and Ed came from some of the brainstorms I had as a “foreigner”during my second year of living in Germany. The boring life abroad alone inspired me to fantasise about what life and adventures would be like for Ming (me), who lives in the virtual small town of Santa Erica in the USA, and her alien roommate, who accidentally travelled to the wrong time via a washing machine, and the cute but scolding penguin they stole from the zoo...?
I then created a hand-drawn stopmotion animation Santa Erica on the same theme, showing a panoramic view of a typical American small town: rednecks always mowing the lawn, teenagers hanging out at the convenience storewith nothing better to do, and the ever-dancing Tube guy...

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Exhibited in the representation of the state of Saxony-Anhalt at the European Union in Brussels.

Feuergeist is a graphic novel that depicts the tumultuous and short life of the German writer and poet Heinrich von Kleist. This project was created by 12 students in the illustration department at Burg Halle. 
Julia Klenovsky and I worked on the story of Kleist’s teenage years. During this time he was busy with school, traveling, and falling in love. In this chapter we used animal characters, humorous dialogues and bright colors to tell the story of the few happy moments in his life. I was in charge of the character design, storyboards and coloring in the group. 
I was also involved in the planning and postproduction of the book, where my main tasks included: pre-press, typesetting and cover design. 
This book is published by Stiftung Kleist-Museum and Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle.
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Photo by Dirk Hornschuch